Class Information:

  • We will call/email to confirm your space in class or, if necessary, on a wait list.IMG9484-L
  • Fees are $100.00 per six-week class session. $135 for the Beginner 1 class.
  • Make checks payable to: Tania Chadwick
  • Mail application, along with payment to: Fortis Agility, 2600 Mount Pleasant Road, San Jose, CA 95148
  • Your returned application with payment will secure the next available space requested.
  • For health and safety reasons, dogs must be at least 10 months old (unless participating in the Puppy Agility class), be easily controlled on and off leash and must accept handling by strangers.
  • Dogs need to have a proficiency rate of 85% for the basic obedience skills of “down”, “come” and “stay”.
  • Dogs must have a snug-fitting buckle collar and clip-on leash (no slip-lead leashes, flexi-leads, martingale, prong or choke collars).
  • Bring soft dog treats and your dog’s favorite small toy to class.
  • Dogs must be sound and healthy.
  • Each six-week session meets once a week for one hour.
  • Classes are held outdoors on grass. If rain is expected, please call/email and check your email to see if classes are being held.

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NO REFUNDS FOR: Dog aggression, schedule conflicts, illness, injury or lack of obedience skills.


Class Levels:

Puppy Agility:

For puppies 4 months to 12 months.  Six week introduction to equipment, handling, foundation training and confidence building games.  Puppies must be through their full series of shots.


For dogs who have never been on agility equipment. Four part series where each six week session (except beginner 1) focuses on a different equipment group.

Beginner 1 = Jumping and basic handling (8 weeks).
Beginner 2 = Advanced Jumping, opened and closed tunnels and tire.
Beginner 3 = Contacts, small sequences and handling.
Beginner 4 = Weave poles, advanced sequencing and handling.


For dogs who have successfully completed the four part beginner’s series or by instructor’s approval.  The course is conducted off leash.


For dogs who have completed the intermediate class or by instructor’s approval.  This course is designed to prepare the dog and handler for competition.


For dogs competing in the advanced to masters-level classes in competition.